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Rehab’s Latest Trend: Sex Rehab for the Cheater

October 15, 2011 by  
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First Tiger Woods, afterward Jesse James, who will be next? Depends on who gets found serial fooling around! Sex therapy is seen as more of a joke as compared to an actual therapy stint. Although sex addiction is indeed a sickness, what we are viewing is disloyal men attempting to salvage what exactly is left of their marriages. Up to now, neither marriage was saved because of the sexual addiction treatment.

Serial infidelity does not necessarily mean that there is an underlying sexual addiction. Numerous men just realize its extremely hard to be loyal to just one partner, particularly when 1 companion is constantly traveling for work. Nevertheless, it is actually an escalating trend in therapy locations. Unfortunately, since there is simply no genuine fundamental sex addiction that’s creating the fooling around, the treatment is basically worthless. Couples should either cease fooling around or stop creating reasons with regards to two timing tendencies to prevent shining an undesirable limelight on authentic sex addictions.

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