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Myths vs Reality: Prescription Pain Medication Abuse

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Open up just about any publication these days and you will find a story about a person enslaved by pain killers. The process starts off innocently enough, you have an ache, you visit the physician so they suggest pain medications. You start taking them and feel good. This needs to be the finale of the story, however, many people take pleasure in the way they feel while on these types of pills and carry on with their use long after the prescription is required.

Around twenty percent of American’s have both used medicines for no reason other than to feel happy or have abused their prescription medications for the very same benefit. With the accessibility of doctor prescribed pain medications, it isn’t tough to learn how this could transpire. Drug dealers now hold them as part of their stash and in addition they could even be acquired without a prescription on the internet. Unfortunately this incorrect use of prescription pain killers has resulted in an astounding volume of deaths caused by unintended overdose.

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