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Miley Cyrus: The Fake Role Model

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Miley Cyrus can be described as young musician and performer who has earned the hearts of numerous supportive females globally. Having said that, parents are terrified at their children wishing to copy Miley Cyrus, an individual many people say is an awful role model.

Since her climb to celebrity, Miley has not been devoid of her share of dispute. As a adolescent, she posed for photographs in her undergarments and distributed them via cellphone. She’s also been known to park in handicap spaces, claiming to have tachycardia and employing that for an justification. Never mind the reality that she is able to give high energy events, walking just a couple feet really should not be an issue. Her notorious photographic shoots at the age of 16 sporting just a sheet is just too sexy for a starlet her age, regardless what her sex appeal is. With measures such as these, it is no wonder that fathers and mothers wouldn’t want their little girls acting just like Miley. There are certainly greater role models out there for little girls to follow.

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