Lindsay Lohan’s Addiction Problems Stem from her ADHD?

It was previously considered that Lindsay Lohan’s generally unpredictable and reckless habits was a result of ADHD. Brought in the spotlight for several wrong doings, Lindsay Lohan was examined and cared for by health professionals for this problem. Lately however it has been verified by her latest doctor that she doesn’t have ADHD. Many Americans, especially children, are wrongly diagnosed on a yearly basis with ADHD. Many individuals that suffer from ADHD aren’t hyper by any means; the truth is, many children who have ADHD tend to daze off and gaze into space and are unable to pay attention to jobs currently happening.

ADHD has been specifically frequently mistaken for bipolar disorder, because they both contain similar indicators in small children. It’s not till the youngster gets to age of puberty those indications of ADHD and bipolar part ways. It could be concluded for Lindsay Lohan that her dependence on medications might have stemmed from this misdiagnosis thus inducing her to become enslaved by a medicine which in no way ought to have been prescribed.

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