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Facts about OCD and Addiction

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OCD, also referred to as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a disease that can take over a person’s everyday life. Seldom reported, primarily because of their discomfort and disgrace, many people who are suffering from this ailment go with no treatment. A person with OCD may have days with intense nervousness and find themselves not able to perform basic responsibilities. Given that a person with this disease suffers often from excessive degrees of stress and anxiety it isn’t rare that they’ll utilize medications as a kind of treatment. This could turn into a very dangerous combination since an individual who has this ailment is already compulsive, making it simpler for them to develop into a drug addict in short order.

When a individual who has OCD results in being hooked on drugs it is called a dual diagnosis, since they have a emotional condition along with a drug addiction. Dual Diagnosis affected individuals should acquire good care from a skilled practitioner in this field. Because a person with OCD tends to hide their psychological illness the chance of them covering up a drug addiction is great. A support group made up of family and friends may well be the only real hope this individual has.

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