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Charlie Sheen and Mental Illness

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If you have grown up in the 90’s, you could recollect a fresh-faced actor starring in the motion picture “Major League”. The film involves baseball and a dodgy pitcher, that you recognise as Charlie Sheen. The star, son of legendary acting professional Martin Sheen, has been a massive motion picture and television movie star until a number of situations early this current year bumped him off the pedestal. Sheen, who is now most recognized as the star of the huge TV series “Two and a Half Men”, has admitted to alcohol and drug use this past year. Not too long ago, Sheen’s drug difficulty disclosed him hanging out accompanied by a enormous block of cocaine.

A great many question if he’s lost his mind since a spat commenced with him and “Men” creator Chuck Lorre. His intermittent tendencies off the set left numerous supporters curious about if Charlie still obtained what it took to act. In the long run, Sheen was dismissed from the tv series and his livelihood as a TV star has been in limbo since. These days, Charlie Sheen is touring the US with his one-man show.

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