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Boston Medical Malpractice Case 2011

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A few months ago in March 2011, a physician in addition to nurse practitioner out of Needham, MA were being accused for supposedly furnishing and dispersing pills to identified prescription drug junkies to make money. In the case around the medical doctor and nurse practitioner it was subsequently discovered that they offered for sale unneeded pain relievers to the users in return for money and insurance payments. This specific supposed circulation and sale appears to lead back as far as the year 2003. This alleged malpractice could possibly have induced the demise regarding 6 folks in the recent past and as many as a 12 or so from ’03 until now.

It is unfortunate to think that a health care provider which will take an pledge in order to save lives gives into money in excess of values. The physician and practitioner understood totally well that the people they dispersed crack and various pills to were junkies. The physician and practitioner were likewise allegedly conscious of these same meds could well be resold in the neighborhood to other people. Although the medical professional and nurse practitioner have already been charged with conspiracy to intentionally distribute controlled chemicals, it is actually not clear if any additional charges will be introduced.

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